Hi, I’m Kamran. I create eye opening designs to win the minds & souls of your users.

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I started my design career with physical product design and rendering using 3D graphics tools such as 3dsMax, Blender,and Maya. These range from packaging design, architectural rendering, cosmetics, and medicinal tools designs. As the industry shifted towards digital products, I became more interested in applying my skillset to the realm of UX/UI design. My most recent work has involved creating experiences for mobile and desktop products using Figma, Invision and Adobe Creative Suit.


My research techniques include techniques for acquiring quantitative and qualitative data by conducting usability testing, surveys, user interviews and analysis of product analytics report. I take holistic approach in my research, by understanding functional limitations as well users decision flow. I use collected data tobuild personas and try to design product with end user in mind.


As someone coming from technical background, I understand underlying principles of product functionality. I make sure that my designs are consistent with current developers stack as well as easily transfareble to development stage. I know principles of responsible design for web trinity of HTML, CSS and JS. As well familiar and have development experience in native mobile technologies of Android ( Java and Kotlin) and IOS Swift UI MVVM architectures.


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Web Ux/Ui


A platform to share the carbon footprint of products with the world.

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Product Design


Colorimetric transdermal patch for female ovulation detection.

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Mobile Ux/Ui


Evim provides urban residents with easy access to parking spots with electric vehicle charging stations.

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Generating new ideas, designing new products and finding unconventional solutions to problems is how my mind operates as its natural state. Being raised in a family of artists and designers, I was nurtured to ask the right questions, and to than just design. I envisioned myself as an inventor, who would not only design but also understand the product as a whole and have technical skills to implement it. With these aspirations I completed a second degree in the most technically diverse program I could find: Materials and Nanoscience at the University of Waterloo. Today, I’m using my diverse skillset to create meaningful products that improve people’s lives.

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